Aatos Flavours

fresh & local

Handmade, fresh and tasty food made with the best ingredients of the season. Food that is truly good for you.

Served on weekdays at 11 am to 2:30 pm.

12,70 €

Our delicious lunch buffet includes a daily changing vegan soup, selection of colorful and nutritious salads, home-baked bread and freshly ground coffee or tea. 

Pick up your daily dose of good energy to go or enjoy it at our inspiring premises.


Oct 2nd – Oct 6th

Moroccan lentil VEG, G

Tomato & chickpea VEG, G

Carrot, coconut & raw licorice VEG, G

Green lentil with cardamom VEG, G

Roasted garlic & cauliflower VEG, G


Authentic Dishes

with a twist

fresh and fragrant



    red apple, pineapple, beetroot, kale, avocado, lemon


    pear, banana, fennel, spinach, basil, lime, almond milk

  • CASSIS 7,50 €

    black currant, banana, coconut milk, raw licorice

Colour & Vitamins

Freshly Pressed Juices

  • HARVEST 7,90 €

    pear, fennel, zucchini, lime, mint

  • AUTUMN COLORS 7,90 €

    carrot, beetroot, orange, ginger, lemon


    green apple, spinach, ginger, lime

  • ORANGE 5,00 €

    Freshly pressed orange juice

  • gINGER SHOT 3,90 €

All Day Breakfast

Pick your favorite breakfast set from our all-day breakfast menu, filled with great energy and tasty dishes.

1. Made with love

  • Freshly Pressed Juice 5,00 - 7,90 €
  • Smoothie 7,50-8 €

2. Good for mind & Body

  • Yoghurt Delight 6,80 €

    Natural yoghurt, homemade jam and granola, fresh berries (lactose-free, gluten-free)

  • Overnight Oats 6,80 €

    with roasted nuts, banana and fresh berries (vegan, gluten-free)

  • Chiapudding 6,90 €

    with roasted nuts and fresh berries (vegan, ketogenic, gluten-free)

3. Energy boost for the day

  • Organic Frittata Omelette 8,50 €

    with green salad, cucumber, tomato and marinated red onions (lactose-free, gluten-free, available ketogenic)

  • Croissant 8,90 €

    with brie, homemade jam, fresh fruits and berries

  • Bread Roll 7,90 €

    with feta, avocado, green salad, cucumber, tomato and romesco spread (inc. capsicum and almonds), (lactose-free, available gluten-free)

  • Filled Croissant 7,90 €

    Choose classic butter croissant or a vegan wholegrain and he filling to your liking:

    1. Hazelnut-chocolate spread, whipped cream, blueberries, banana and mint

    2. Salty caramel, linginberry, banana, roasted nut crumble

    3. Feta, avokado, tomato, green salad, romesco spread (inc. capsicum and almonds)

    4. Frittata omelette, green salad, cucumber, tomato, romesco spread (inc. capsicum and almonds) and marinated red onions

4. The wake up

  • Freshly ground filtered coffee 3,00 €

    by Kahiwa Coffee Roasters

  • Tea 3,00 €

    selection from Skafferi Porvoo

  • Hot Chocolate 6,00 €

    with organic cocoa and coconut milk

  • Espresso/cappuccino/café latte 3-5,50 €

    Available with oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk and lactose free milk

“Hunger Is The Best Sauce”

Miguel De Cervantes

Something for the soul



Ask for vegan and ketogenic!