behind the sauce

Our Aatos Family

A thought.
It’s behind everything we do at Aatos.

We think about creating great flavors, happy moments and smiles.
We think about art, music, and culture.
We think about overall well being, ecological and ethical values.
We think about moments with friends and family.
We think about collaboration and working together.

We think about you.

Since 2018

A Family Friendly Café

aatos counter

Our Family​

Our Aatos team is all about genuine and caring customer service. For the love of creating special moments for you and for each other, every day.

Fresh Food Daily

At Aatos, we serve handmade delicacies, breakfast, lunch, freshly pressed juices, and smoothies, quality coffee and tea, organic wines, beers, and drinks from the local brewers and small businesses in Porvoo.

authentic with a twist

Aatos is more than a café. We are a part of a wonderful collaboration of businesses, culture and creativity.

We offer great premises and tailored catering to all kinds of events like corporate lunches, meetings, concerts, yoga lessons, wellness lectures, private parties, and even babyshowers.

Meet The Owners

Päivi, Niko & Antti

Päivi takes care of the everyday running of the café, bustling between the kitchen, front of house, and office. Originally she comes from Oulu in northern Finland but has found a home in the beautiful and cultural Porvoo. She loves good food, music, and singing. She’s worked in various top restaurants in Porvoo and lives for the everyday social encounters, chats, and smiles between people.

Niko is one of the best chefs in Finland but says himself that he rather does anything else than cooking. He’s an inventor, excel-master, and a true talent in the restaurant business. In his free time, you’ll probably find him in sneakers running and practicing for the next marathon.

Antti is an entrepreneur in various fields and an active worker for culture and sports zones in Porvoo. A reliable back force who always has a solution to any problem on his sleeve. This multi-talent and a father of three daughters sometimes wish that there were more hours in a day to be able to take part in all the good stuff going on in Porvoo.

aatos team

Päivi with her lovely Aatos Team takes good care of our customers every day. A small group of wonderful personalities with whom every workday is a joy.

Our mother figure. Though calm and gentle, she has an iron fist in organizing things. Anna makes the most beautiful cappuccinos. As a mother of two small boys, she never loses focus, even when in a hurry.

Our master baker, a true powerhouse in the kitchen, always coming up with new recipes.
Usually, you find him in the kitchen at six in the morning with something delicious already baking in the oven. André loves animals and nature more than anything.

Our newest addition to the team is young but already such a pro in customer service.  Her great sense of humour, bright attitude, and catchy laugh make her a wonderful colleague to work with.

Päivi Karjala
Andre at Aatos Cafe
Anna at Aatos Cafe